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Posted on:June 19, 2023

Simple function to assert a condition and for type narrowing in TypeScript.

Inspired by tinyinvariant.

function invariant(condition: unknown, message: string): asserts condition {
  if (!condition) {
    throw new Error(`Invariant failed: ${message}`);

Example usage

The following example will throw an error and prevent the code from moving forward.

const value = false;
invariant(value === true, "'value' must be true."); // throw here
console.log("I will not run");

This example will let the TypeScript compiler know that car is an object and has a door property on it, narrowing the type to object & Record<"door", unknown> instead of unknown.

const car: unknown = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify({ door: "red" })); // unknown
  car && typeof car === "object" && "door" in car,
  "'car' must be object and have 'door' property."
console.log(car.door); // object & Record<"door", unknown>